Air and/or mold analysis Longueuil home inspection

Have you ever found mold signs in your home, or office and wondered, ‘how in the world did it get there?’ 

Mold can grow everywhere, be it indoors or outdoors if you allow them. They affect the quality of air in your building, and it has spores that can spread easily in the air. 

When there is a leak in the building or an area where moisture is trapped, that is usually the perfect environment for mold to grow. 

Mold is not an innocent microorganism, and some of the health symptoms include sore throat, dry cough, watery eyes, runny nose, and even wheezing. That is why it’s best to seek professional help at the slightest sign of a leak in the building. 

At Al inspection, we know what it is like to share your work or home space with mold, that is equally why we always use the best removal practices when inspecting homes and commercial buildings. 

Inspection de maison pré-achat - Région de Montréal

Also, as condo and building inspectors in Montreal, what we do is to first identify every part in the building where mold and mildew are growing. Then we locate the source of the moisture before performing other mold tests, using inspection tools like Laser levels, moisture meter, thermal camera, and more. 

Similarly, you are never in the dark as to how much work we have accomplished on your building because our video reports speak for itself. 

In addition, we carry out a professional air testing service to detect if the air is still contaminated and to what extent. The samples are tested in our lab and we present certified samples and results that you also can see and confirm.

When you suspect signs of mold in your commercial or residential building, call on us because we are always ready to help.

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