Air and/or mold analysis Montreal home inspection

Dealing with mold problems is not always a pleasant experience because the presence of mold in a building puts the life of your loved ones and employees at risk. 

What is air and/or mold analysis inspection?

It is an assessment and test for the quality of air in the building. This inspection also covers a visual check to detect other conditions that could be depriving you of having a healthy living or working environment.

In coming up with a genuine analysis, our team of consultants ensures that you are not left out of the process, by sending you reports of the results of the quality of air. 

We also provide recommendations and practical solutions on how to improve the indoor air quality.

Inspection de maison pré-achat - Région de Montréal
Home Inspection Montreal Longueuil Laval - Detect mold organism

Why Is An Air and/or Mold Inspection Important?

Mold is a living organism, and it produces microscopic cells, also known as spores. These spores can reproduce themselves and spread into the air; thereby, causing several discomforts to the human health. Mold is a type of fungus, and it is mostly found in damp areas. 

That said, here are some reasons why it’s important to factor in an air or mold inspection:

1.Mold Can Sometimes Be Difficult To Detect

Many do not know this, but it still doesn’t change the fact that not all mold effects are visible. Molds are also airborne, thereby requiring an experienced eye of an analyst to find them. 

At Al inspections, we take samples of the air, and through the lab generated results, you will be able to tell how saturated the indoor air is with mold.

2.Mold Is Not Air Friendly

Most people react differently to mold problems, but mold always comes with symptoms like sore throat, cough, skin irritation, etc.

For people who already have asthma, “inhaling mold” can pose a threat to their lives because they will have more difficulty breathing.

3.Consult A Professional Inspector

At Al, we always advise that you should not delay when you see the first signs of mold in the building. That is because the earlier it is ‘removed,’ the better it gets.

As professionals in building inspection in Montreal, we know how to take samples of the air and interpret the results. Which is something you may not have been trained for. 

Also, instead of putting your health at further risk, in a bid to test the quality of air for yourself, you can trust us to take the burden off you and provide the right analysis.

What Are The Risks Of Mold

When a home or commercial building is infested by mold, below are some of the risks that the occupants will be exposed to:

Mold Could Lead To Asthma

Asthma attacks is one condition that can aggravate when mold continues to build up in an indoor space. 

Similarly, individuals who are already healthy can begin to develop symptoms of asthma from inhaling these microorganisms.

Structural Damage

The presence of mold can develop into structural damages if it is not attended to at the right time. 

For structural damage to happen, the decayed fungi would first have to build up in the structure over some time. Mold spores, however, can quickly affect the quality of air where it is present.

Other risks of mold infestation are respiratory illness and allergies, and we can fix all of your mold problems.

Inspection de maison pré-achat - Région de Montréal

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